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The new products module has radically improved the way our dealers view our offerings. The multiple images and full descriptions ensure the correct information is available to dealers and end customers alike. Sue Crowe Executive Director Tabata Australia

WebEd Modules

WebEd allows any user to quickly and easily maintain and manage their website. With over 38 modules available, WebEd allows you to create a website that will serve your business to the best advantage. Don't take our word for it, contact us now and in 10 minutes we can show you how we can quickly help you turn your great ideas into a real website deisgned to meet your business goals.
Looking for a module you can't see below? We probably have it, we just call it something different or it is just a small function of something else. Contact us and we can show you what you are looking for.

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This can be used when advertising on third party websites and will track the performance of each ad referring back to your site. This will help keep an accurate record of how many times a link was clicked on so as to measure which ads, sites or pages have the better performance giving marketing professionals the feedback they need when they need it.
This module allows you to publish lists of key staff or contacts across your website. This can include an image of the contact and supporting information such as phone, email or even qualifications. You will be able to update contact details of staff and registered associates through an easy to use database. Set each member as either active or inactive so that they display or do not display on the website. 
Generate revenue from external advertisers by selling advertising space or help promote your own products more effectively.
This module supports all major banner advertising requirements, including:
  • Ad weighting (which ads appear most often)
  • Impressions (how often ads are displayed to visitors)
  • Click- through rates ( how often visitors click on a particular ad)
  • Ad rotations - allows to display more than one ad in a location, without the browser refreshing
  • Start and stop dates - it limits the dates particular ads appear
  • Multiple ad types can appear on the same page.
With the flexibility to place ads anywhere on your site you will be able to service your advertisers needs and budget.
This module allows you to post your Blogger articles onto your website without the hassle of having to copy and paste the content into a new page each time you update your blog. This is ideal for users with a Blogger account that want to boost their site content.
Blogger module The Blog module is an add-on to your existing website and allows you to quickly publish a daily, weekly or monthly blog. Visitors can then comment and remain more engaged with your site. Each blog entry helps to populate your site with content and help your website obtain better search results.
This module provides an unlimited range of body templatesto allowyou to predefine the look of page content for your website. When you add new pages to your website, the body template will pre-populate the page with the chosen template. This ensures that your website maintains a personalised and consistent appearance no matter who is updating the site. Once your templates are in place new pages can easily be populated with content. 
This module allows site administrators to post job vacancies, receive online submission of applications and resumes, store candidate detailsand review vacancies at any time. You will have complete control over what is posted on your careers page and can easily edit or change the descriptions of the vacancies. Any submissions are sent through to a central database for candidate review. This will allow you to have an up-to-date Careers page within your website, with accurate description and specifications for every job vacancy within your business. 
The Email Marketing integration Module for WebEd supportsfeatures to tightly link aspects of the Customer Community email marketing system into your website, including subscribe forms, news and RSS. Publish newsletters in Customer Community that appear as news on your website keeping content fresh and helping with your search results.
This modulegives you the tools topromoteand manage your upcoming events by listing them and organising them in a calendar. It allows you to locate all your events in one place, which reduces time and effort to search for them and promote them. It will help promote your events by providing a visual highlight that drives site visitor's attention to the relevant event. Those that want to attend can register through this module and if there is any cost associated with the event can be paid using the secure payments module. 
This module allows the site administrator to post custom or specific messages to users based on their allocated group once they are authenticated on the site. This module is designed to ensure that key information is presented to the right people when they log into a site. It can save administrators and managers time and effort because all members of a group can be informed instantly, instead of individually contacting members. 
This advanced module is used to create a content section across the website into any designated area within a page. The content you create through the Highlights module will appear consistently in all the web pages you select. Each highlight section can be tied to a single page, a section or even the whole website. It helps display and manage key information on multiple pages without having to repeatedly enter the content and enticing visitors to read and click through. 
WebEd Associated Locations provide listings or maps complete with driving directions for one or more branches, offices, resellers, agents or any other geographical location. By providing an easy-to-use interface your visitors can find your branches, dealers or any other type of content that involves physical locations. The map is automatically generated and allows the visitor to see at a glance the depth of your locations.
The Message of the Day module displays random messages on your website each time the page is refreshed. These messages can be placed anywhere on the site but are generally included in the home page. WebEd comes with over 300 pre compiled messages, but site administrators can easily replace or add these messages.
This module allows for all types of products to be displayed on your website. The product database populates the page content based on administrator defined product templates. This allows you to have different types of products displayed with different layouts. The product catalogue caters for different brands, sizes, colours - just about every product attribute is supported offering complete flexibility in how your products are presented. The product catalogue is optimised for search to ensure that product names, codes and stock numbers are all indexed by search engines - a great benefit for your website search rankings. 
Payment Gateway Module This module works with the Shopping Cart module to provide a range of payment methods including ANZ, St. George, Suncorp, Verisign and Paypal merchants. It offers your customers a secure payment method when using your online store giving them piece of mind. The payment gateway will help speed up transaction processing as it is automated online with no manual payment processing.
This module allows you to upload a series of photos and images on your website with an attractive layout. You can showcase photos and images on your site in albums from a specific event, location or any other category you may have. The photo gallery displays all images or photos as thumbnails that open to full size when you click on them. All images are displayed in a pop-up slideshow format and the gallery can be customised to reflect the unique style of our website. When you load your photos thumbnails are automatically generated for each image saving you time as you will not need to resize each image to thumbnail size.
Documents can be hidden from public view and only available to members with correct user privileges. A document tree view much like windows file system will show on your webpage. Files may be downloaded or opened directly from the website and checked in or out.
WedEd Page Auditing tracks all changes made throughout your site. When a user updates any section of your site, a copy of the page is saved for historical reference. This allows you to not only see who has changed what sections, but also the original content providing a simple method of rolling back to previous versions if required. All aspects of content updates are stored including user, date of update, content, page titles and descriptions.
Website administrators can quickly create news items from external sources. News is fed to your website from a third party via RSS. Any news providers - such as Sydney Morning Herald - that support RSS publishing can be used. This can be a useful service to your customers while at the same time expanding your web content to help improve search results. 
This is a great way of publishing your news information to your site. This helps to beef up your site content and will give your customers greater insight into your business. It is also a useful tool to update visitors about upcoming events or new product information. This can also be integrated to your Customer Community e-mail newsletter and your social media feeds. By regularly posting news you ensure that your site stays up to date and will help with search rankings. 
This module allows you to support social networking and content sharing applications on your site. We can include a toolbar on your web pages that enables your customers to share content on your website via a wide range of social networking sites increasing the exposure of your website, products and services. Ce can also create custom buttons with links to your Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and any other social network sites your brand is present.
Shopping Cart Module WebEd The Shopping Cart Module is an add-on to the products module to make shopping easier for your customers. It means that visitors to your site can browse your product catalogue and select multiple products in various colours and sizes to purchase. The shopping cart writes all customer details, freight costs and orders to the website database so that administrators can log in and view orders at any time.
WebEd's security module allows for secure sections by User Groups ensuring confidential content is hidden from casual visitors and only becomes available once the visitor has authenticated against the site. Suitable for customer logins, partner areas, extranets, agents etc. Anywhere that content needs to be secured to particular groups of users.
This module is a form designed to capture everything from simple anonymous quizzes right through to more complex multi-step surveys. When configured as a learning management solution you can score recipients, notify progress and consolidate results. In quiz mode you can elect to display or hide results from responders. This Module can be integrated with Customer Community or stand alone. This can be a great way to evaluate your products or services.
WebEd Testimonial Module displays random customer testimonials throughout the site, promoting a warm welcome, a comfortable environment for site visitors and helping to enhance your brand image. One of the most important things to try and achieve with your site visitors is trust. Allowing visitors to see positive messages of other customer experiences goes a long way to building credibility, a vital ingredient for any web presence.
This Module allows you to provide a simple vehicle listing for new, demo or used vehicles. The listing supports a wide range of functions including 'request a test drive', 'more information, ' tell a friend', 'brochure print' and a wide range of image display options. 
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