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You guys have been fantastic. The new website and customer database works together flawlessly to provide a solution that gives me complete control of lead generation. Bryan Jones [company name withheld at customers request]

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Peugeot and now Citroen? How will you cope?

Your Citroen Website needs to be updated to the new Inchcape platform.

We are ready to deploy the Citroen Dealer platform for your dealership. This is an important step on the way to the integrated UsedCitroen.com.au site. This is an initiative to help generate more leads and traffic.

A syndicated site means when Inchcape create new offers, they will automatically appear on your site. New Citroen Models will be automatically updated as new models are added by Inchcape.

Your Citroen website:

  • Your current Citroen stock will appear as per your Dealer Management System.
  • Citroen model data, options and accessories will populate direct from the Inchcape databases ensuring the data is always up to date
  • Easy to use editing for all other aspects of your Citroen online presence. Content such as your team, special events, opening hours etc are all able to be managed by you
  • Presentation, branding, styles are handled with centralised fonts, logo, colours and styles to ensure you stay "on-brand" for your dealer scorecard.
  • Any changes to logos or styles are handled centrally by inchcape with our support ensuring your website is automatically updated
  • Syndicated brand-specific content and reviews will automatically populate your site from the central platform.
  • ‘Calls to action’ and ‘Lead Forms’ are populated across the site to help you grow your Citroen business.
  • Your team pages will automatically populate from the your staff listing in the Inchcape CRM (Redsphere)
  • Citroen Accessories auto-populating (similar to CitroenAccessories.com.au )

Two New National Stock Listing Sites

  • Our plans with Inchcape include 2 additional sites to generate leads for your business
  • All Dealers on the platform will have their listings populating UsedCitroen.com.au and UsedPeugeot.com.au to further promote stock in your dealerships
  • Enquiry and Test Drive forms will allow new customers to easily and efficiently enquire about your stock on hand
  • We have had great success with Porsche through the PorscheApproved.com.au site and we encourage you to take a look for yourselves.

Who are Interactive Partners?

We have been the developers of choice for the last 15 years for the Citroen / Peugeot family. Here is some of work we have already built just for you ...







Peugeot Extranet


Citroen Extranet

Along with many of the internal databases and systems supporting the Peugeot and Citroen brand.

Why are you getting this email?

As part of Inchape’s next phase of changes for the Citroen/Peugeot family, we have rolled out a single platform solution to help save time, and simplify your online presence of the Citroen and Peugeot brands.

Consolidated Dealer Website

Because the platform is centralised, we have all the ‘assets’ on the one platform including your stock listing and we can provide a third dealer branded website … for example http://DealernamePeugeotCitroen.com.au

This allows you to maximise your online presence and bump your search rankings through SEO cross linking between the sites. It provides an effective and important step in increasing the number of leads for your business.

What to do next...

Decide which service you need...

  • Citroen Branded website with syndicated content and automatic listings (Discounted to $1995 set up and $99 per month)
  • My Citroen Stock listed on the new national site UsedCitroen.com.au (Free to Dealers using the Citroen Site Platform, $149 per month for others)
  • Consolidate Dealer Site for Peugeot and Citroen stock ($495 set up and $49 for Dealers using the Peugeot Listing and Citroen Platform, $995 set up and $199 per month for others)

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Call an industry expert (David Bilbow) on 0410 673 000
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Your business is losing money right now because of one broken process.

Every business has bottlenecks. Yours will certainly follow this pattern. The secret to success and improved profits is removing the bottlenecks, and technology is the answer.


Perhaps it’s some large complex spreadsheet underpinning important information such as customers or products getting out-of-date as it is emailed through a workflow. Or a manual tracking system which screams out for automation. There are many issues like this stifling businesses today limiting growth and eating profits.

When trying to streamline old, inefficient business processes through automation and innovation, there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution.

A small piece of custom software tailored to remove that bottleneck can release growth and profits by eliminating the costly business process failures.

We are experts at not only recognising the issues but actually untangling the bottleneck and replacing it with a smart cloud database, automation process or small custom application.


 We can work through the issues whilst addressing your specific business needs. Technology today makes it possible to solve connectivity problems, simplify complicated processes and increase business productivity and profitability.


At Interactive Partners, we provide cloud based solutions tailored to your business growth and budget. We can quickly identify, develop and supply a custom software application to effectively handle data, processes, procedures (small or large); freeing you to meet future growth goals with confidence.


Some of our projects include:


  • Synchronised data for an oil company (an integrated lab and production database). Formula updates from the lab instantly update the production recipes removing days of missed production. Updates are fed directly into a secure client portal for instant access to their customers’ unique formulations. Finally, updates are used to populate the Product Information Sheets (PDF) and emails from the call centre.

  • A syndicated content module for an automotive company allowing one push publishing to over 20 different dealer websites for easy content maintenance.  As models change, the whole network is instantly updated ensuring everyone is ‘on brand’ with specs and features up-to-date.

  • A cloud based car wash management system connecting to wash, vacuum and payment services to replace the antiquated existing system. This involved multiple layers of hardware (machine, custom built connectors, defining communications language and handshakes) and writing new software for remote management of special offers and payment processing.

  • A custom-adapted event module for a large car company, adapted from our existing Events Module in the CMS. We tweaked the existing code base to add custom workflow and additional registration information such as passengers for drive days. This was then coupled to their proprietary payment gateway in Europe to handle online bookings.

  • Visitor-specific homepages for a multinational training agency. Based on the visitor location, the homepage renders in four different versions: UK and European visitors are presented with Trafalgar Square, London. Asia region presents the Hong Kong skyline. Australia and New Zealand see glorious Sydney Harbour and the Americas see New York. All with local-specific homepage content.

Interactive Partners can provide the skills, knowledge and expertise to take you where you need to be.

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Stay in Google’s Ranking, Understand HTTPS for SEO Boost

In January, we have published an introductory article about How to Boost your SEO with an SSL Certificate as advised by Google to educate everyone how to stay in Google’s Ranking Grace.

In today’s post we will be discussing the benefit, pitfalls and challenges of switching your website over to HTTPS. Although HTTPS topic is a popular discussion in digital space, many business managers still do not understand the underlying stakes in doing the switch.

There are tons of benefits in switching your website over to HTTPS and as Goggle advised in 2014, this initiative will give you a ranking boost. Discussed in here are the processes and step-by-step guidelines to fully benefit from the initiative and help you avoid the common pitfalls.


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Link Test


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