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The experience of changing over is never easy but we are very happy with the help we've received along the way. WebEd is easy to use and flexible. I have been talking with the Customer Community team about ways of making the application even more dynamic. We have lots of ideas Kevin Holloway - Holloway Consulting

Database Development

There are times when pushing data around in spreadsheets just doesn't work any more. The amount of data is cumbersome, multiple people need access and ability to update and moving information around to the right people is hard to accomplish. A database may be the answer.

We solve complex business issuesWe solve complex business issues

If you have some specialist data that would enhance your website but can't work out how to get it online, chances are we have. We have many success stories that outline how we solved complex business issues using custom development either on the web or internal.
Customer Community Services has been fortunate to be involved in a wide range of custom database applications. Some of these have a CRM focus, others are financial or inventory control in nature and others are just totally specialised such as a freight quoting system for an international shipping company. One thing all of these projects required was the ability to gain an intimate understanding of the business issues and then map this to a database driven solution to cater for the operational requirements.
It doesn't matter if you are simply replacing and existing spreadsheet or have a complete new plan to solve your internal issues, we are happy to act in initially and advisory capacity and then roll-out a development plan and implementation for any sized project. Some recent projects have been as small as a few hours right through to many months of development effort.

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