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WebEd Tour

WebEd in 60 seconds?

There is nothing quite like a full demonstration of a product to understand all of its benefits and how it may suit your particular issues.
Sometimes though we just don't have the time. This quick run-through will show you how easily  WebEd lets you update content, adopt styles and insert an image - all in just over sixty seconds. Kind of like 'Fast and Furious', without the cars, corny actors and hard-to-believe stunts.

Editing a page

In this quick demo you will see;
  1. A user scroll down the page and login using the lock icon
  2. Navigate to the page they want to edit
  3. Open the page for editing
  4. Switch to full screen mode
  5. Insert some text content
  6. Add an image to the page
  7. Switch back to normal mode
  8. Save the page and review the changes
Click the image below to see the WebEd fast and furious content update.

Inserting a New Page

In this demo you will see

  1. Browse to the section to insert a new page
  2. Add a new page
  3. Create a title
  4. Set where in the sitemap the new page will reside
  5. Add some content on the page
  6. Saving the page and reviewing the new navigation
Click the image below to see how easy it is to create a new page
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