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Organic Search or Adwords?

Search Engine Optimisation
People new to Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) often find it confusing to work out what all these terms mean. One of the most confusing is Organic and Adwords. What do they mean? It is pretty simple really.
When you type a word or phrase into Google, a list of results appears. The listing contains two different types of results. Organic results are the ones that are free. Adwords are the ones you pay for using a pay per click model. You can see the differences in the image below.

Organic results can be achieved to give good results

At Customer Community Services we believe organic results can be achieved to give good results. The only issue with organic results is they take 9-12 weeks to become effective. If your issue is a little more immediate, then adwords can certainly give you good traffic. The trick is knowing where to bid and how much. As with all things web , the team at Customer Community are happy to advise and help you through the maze that is search results.
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Organic Search or Adwords?