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The new website had dramatically improved the public face of ASHM presenting a more professional and up to date interface to anonymous visitors and health professionals in the region. We are delighted with the results. Terry Fairclough - ASHM

Open Rates Explained

We Understand what Open Rates are all about

Customer Community Services understands what Open Rates are all about and provides a variety of statistics including open rates, most read articles and other metrics that are of potential value to your business. If you have any questions about open rates or any aspect of web marketing, contact us.
Newsletter / email open rates are one of those nebulous issues that don't seem to make much sense. Here is a quick overview on open rates.
Client: I just checked my last newsletter and the open rate is 25%. That doesn't look too good. What do I need to do?
Customer Community Services: Well the open rate is really just a guideline. The open rates are calculated by the email client at the receivers' end (Outlook, Notes, Eudora etc) which makes a link back to our server when the email is read. Some corporates see this as a security issue so they block it. Also Microsoft by-default blocks images in Outlook, so the open rate is really just a guide.

Client: OK, so what is a good or bad open rate?
CCS: Well it depends on a number of factors: the quality of the list, the firewall rules, the subject line, which email clients, but, as a guide:
30%+ - Excellent and most people are reading
20-30% Very good
15-20% Ok
10-15% - Hmmm, could be an issue
<10% Houston we have a problem! We need to look at subject lines, content, list quality etc.
Client: Hmmm, I need to think about that.
Now this may not be a very satisfactory answer but it is the way things work and not just for us, for anyone who is involved in email marketing. You can read more about it on Clickz which has a great article on open rates. http://www.clickz.com/1447331
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Open Rates Explained