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If you are a first time user see : Getting Started  which will provide guidance on initial setup requirements and some things you first need to know about websites.

Then see: Managing Your Website to get started on creating your website or to edit your pages.

Benefits of WebEd:

WebEd is a quick and easy maintenance system for your website. It allows even novice users to quickly and easily keep a website up-to-date.
There is no software to load and no books to read.  The online User Guide contains all the How to's you will ever need - at a click of the mouse.
Refer to the WedEd User Guide from the above menu - starting at "Getting Started", then simply following the continuous menus across the top of the screen above on the blue menu line.
WebEd removes the barriers from website maintenance. WebEd allows you to do-it-yourself with confidence including creating new pages, adding pictures and tables - all without outside expensive help.
WebEd is accessible from anywhere in the world
It has an editor that is similar to Microsoft Word
WebEd comes supplied with templates making it simple for anyone to use.

WebEd is the easiest web maintenance tool you will ever use.

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